Like socks on a rooster…

One of my dad’s favorite sayings… I have to admit, for a long time I had no idea what this one meant – he was always just so proud of himself when he could work it into a conversation that we had a good laugh and moved on with our lives. He really is pretty groovy and comical sometimes.

The thought of “socks on a rooster” still always makes me smile, if only because of the mental image that always pops in my head. You just pictured a chicken wearing fuzzy socks, right? Me too. Never gets old. It elicits a mental giggle… and it gets me. Every. Time. In fact, I’m smiling as I type this.

For the longest time, my husband would give me that weird “I just don’t get you and your people” look when I too would get to say, “Looky there, just like socks on a rooster…” in just the perfect situation. While I was giving myself an internal high-five, he was thinking I was a little off my rocker. Not sayin’ he’s totally incorrect, but the satisfaction made the raised eyebrow totally worth it (For the record, I’ve even heard him use the rooster socks reference, which is awesome. And a riot. I’m rubbing off on him. And there’s nothing he can do about it.)

Back to the roosters and their socks. I finally ran across this one day, and it made perfect sense to me.


You’re giggling right now, aren’t you?


My ah-ha moment! So I still love Dad’s interpretation of the saying, which actually probably was learned from my Gram… hilarious in her own right. It IS at least partially about the right fit when you didn’t think you’d fit at all.

But there’s the neat-o factor too. Don’t we all want to be unique and neat and wonderful and find just the right fit? Yep, we do.

It’s about who we are – in business terms, especially in the world of advertising where I spend my days, it would be our unique selling proposition – our one thing… the thing that makes us special and worthy of consideration. We all have it – it’s a matter of tapping into it, embracing it, and putting it out there in just the right way. It’s getting that individual message to just the right people – the people who are going to think what you have to offer fits the bill like – well, socks on a rooster.

For my sister and me, the Thelma and Louise of aspiring authors, we each like to think the other has neatness for days… with plenty to spare. And we dream of the day when everyone else gets on board with our neater-than-chicken-socks story.

Nerdy? Or curious?

It’s all about positioning.

I referred to myself in a previous post as nerdy. No surprise to those who know me, I’ve always been lumped in with the smart kids – maybe sometimes with the cool kids, mostly because I grew up in a super small town, so there was some overlap, but yep – nerdy kid, party of one, right here.

Nerdy can be gut-wrenching during the teenage years… not so bad once you emerge on the other side. It’s hard for the 14-year old bright kid to see that – but by the time you get into your 20’s and 30’s, most of us kinda nod appreciatively and think, “Okay, I see it now.” The adjectives change – now you’re quirky, curious, sharp or a quick study. See? Positioning.

Part of the evolution is becoming more comfortable in your own skin, no doubt. Whether you’re a person or a person selling a product or a feeling or an experience, it’s knowing who you are and where you fit in relation to everyone else – the competition, if you will.  But maybe some of it depends on which side of what my husband describes as the “completely overwhelming rapid-fire interrogation” you’re on, at least for the nerdy versus curious debate? P.S. (insert eye roll) It’s really not as tortuous as he describes. Mercy… give me strength.

It’s a matter of perception, right? It’s figuring out my unique position in relation to everyone else around me, and totally owning it. So for me… I’m planting my flag firmly in the cogitative camp.