Let’s Ride!

Oh, wow! I looked at my last post, just as the COVID-19 pandemic got underway. If you had told me then about some of the utterly wild things that we’ve been through over the past two years, I would have scoffed… mocked and derided, even. For any of you who have followed my posts before, you’re thrilled that I didn’t lose my thesaurus in the stack of “work life” boxes that are still hanging out in our garage, aren’t you? The sarcasm is intact.

This bit isn’t about rehashing the madness – the news networks have done that ad nauseum, and I can’t take another minute of that. For me, I’m just so glad to see glimmers of normal, even if that business-as-usual looks different than before.

Our friends and family often tease us about how we’re always on-the-go… “ready to ride” at a moment’s notice. Not that we don’t love being home together with our Buster Bear, who is 12 years old and quite the homebody. We do. But we also love to GO and DO.

It thrills my soul to go and see and do. And I’ve always been that way. My parents laughingly described me by saying “GO” has always the operative word for me. It doesn’t have to be exotic. We could be eating a simple dinner at an iconic burger place we haven’t tried before, or having a competitive game night with friends or family, or — one of our favorites — driving a back road we haven’t ridden before… bonus points if there’s a creek crossing so we can kick it into 4-wheel drive for a stretch. Our move to Middle Tennessee has meant that we have tons of new places to go, see and do. That goes firmly in the “+” category for us — and yes, we record PBS shows and scour Facebook events for some of our off the beaten path adventures. We’re kinda nerdy like that.

For us, the experiences are the point. And if those experiences are shared with those we love, all the better. They connect us, and we love that more than most anything. Thanks to those offbeat experiences, we laugh at ourselves — A LOT — and have more than our share of silly pictures and funny memories. Apologies if you are a friend or a family and I have made you take a selfie or snapped a picture jusssstttt as you took a big bite of food, or when your hair was wonky. Really, I’m just always grateful that we’re on the ride together.

That’s the bit for today, I think. I’m happy we’re getting back to a place where we can go and see and do, which is a great thing for us. I want to always be ready for that next ride, whatever it is. Because I don’t want to miss out on the big and little moments. Even if that means we are tired from going and doing. I’d rather be that anyday. You too, right?

Come on and ride with us. There will be times when we’re lost as a goose, but I promise it will be fun.

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