Spring sprung!

I love this time of year! I mean, the first week of the time change is a KILLER, no argument there. The rest of the year, I usually spring out of bed pretty early… way before the alarm and before any of the other two or four-legged members of my family are ready for their feet to hit the floor.

That first week after the time change? The struggle is real. I’m barely functioning, with extra caffeine necessary to make the drive to work. Like, I wish for an extra hand so that I can double-fist a coffee and a diet soda and still have a hand for the steering wheel. YAAAAWWWWNNNN. And don’t kid yourself, I’m going to need a refill before my first meeting, just for good measure. It’s all fun & games until someone falls asleep at the conference table, am I right? I’m warning you now, one of your coworkers WILL take a picture of you asleep and post it on social media, Sleepy McSleeper.

There is a reward for that resetting of the internal clock though. It’s still DAYLIGHT when I drive home from work, which makes me giddy. I feel like I’ve gotten a bonus hour every evening, and I want to make it count! Who’s in for grilling? Want to tackle a box in the garage? (insert raised eyebrow and a “let’s don’t get crazy” look from spouse here)

Pollen aside, which can be really brutal in my part of the country, I love the bright green shoots on all of the trees and shrubs – everything coming alive. Oh, and the flowers! My own thumb is quite brown – really, really brown. It’s bad, y’all. But I have so much admiration for those who have that knack for plants, because I love the redbuds, and the dogwoods, and the azaleas! Oh my gosh, springtime is a feast for the eyes, which is a relief, because just looking at my now-yellow vehicle is enough to start an allergic waterfall puddling and running down my cheeks. As with everything, there is a flip side – a give & take. Get spectacular fuchsia pink azalea blooms or a stunning display of dogwood flowers — take the itchy, watery, runny eyes and nose for a few weeks. Hello, nose spray and decongestants! Welcome to our humble abode.


Love these beauties!


I guess the ‘bit’ I always think of when spring finally springs – it’s the newness, the fresh start, the feeling of a “do over” where I need it. For those of you who did your New Year’s reflection and restart – press on, friends. For those of you who chucked the resolutions on Day Two? (it’s rhetorical… you don’t actually have to raise your hand if you had chocolate cake for breakfast on January 3rd… not that I know anything about that personally… heard it from “a friend”…) There’s still hope for us. We just have to take the first step. And the next step. And the next step. Now that we’ve made it past the first few weeks of the time change, we can do that, right?

Okay, so take a deep breath and pause for a second. Try not to suck in a mouthful of pollen while you’re doing it. Because here’s our opportunity for a fresh start. I had the pleasure of a little “windshield time” traveling for work last week. Part of my drive took me along a two-lane scenic parkway, with limited choices on the radio and even more spotty cell reception. I was glad for the quiet time to enjoy the beauty around me and start thinking about the places where I’d like to fine-tune – the places where I have impressive intentions, but haven’t knocked the ball out of the park yet. For you, it might be a reset on the personal budget, now that you’ve done your tax returns. Or maybe taking a class or a certification for work? Or even scheduling your vacation before you miss out? I’m talking to you, worker bee friend who ends up losing vacation time you haven’t taken.


Springtime road show


Whatever it is, the time for a new bloom is right now! Branch out (pun intended – har-dee-har-har), and do what’s going to make you happy, or set you up for success down the road, or help you ditch the baggage you’re carrying around. You might even be able to cut back on the morning caffeine and still have a pep in your step. Maybe. Let’s don’t get crazy.

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